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How It Works

painting instructions

1.  Wipe off the surface of the pottery with a clean, slightly damp sponge or cloth. 

2.  Draw, if you want to, with a no. 2 pencil. Pencil will burn off in the kiln when the piece is fired. Remember that you will not see any of the pencil lines, and that even when pencil smudges in with paint and appears to discolor it, the pencil will fire off and clean color will remain. 

  3.  Foil squares or small plates are provided to use as a paint palette.  

4.   Plastic cups and paper towels are provided. Fill cups with water to rinse and clean brushes between colors and when finished. Use paper towel squares to remove excess water after rinsing brushes. Use water only for cleaning your brushes. If you want intense color, do not add water to your brush. 

    5.  Apply one, two, or three coats of paint according to how solid and intense you want the color to be. Each coat should be dry before the next coat is added. (Glaze dries very quickly)

6. Remember that dark colors will cover light colors better than light colors will cover dark. Always work light to dark. All unpainted parts of your piece will come out a shiny glazed white. A sample tile is provided showing what the glaze looks like after fired.

  7.  (For schools and camps) Please have each artist write their name on bottom of item with a # 2 pencil when finished and stack neatly when  dry in the provided container. 

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