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F.A.Q about pottery


F.A.Q about pottery

Can I eat/ wash/ use my pottery?

All of our glazes are lead free non-toxic and food safe. 

Dishwasher and microwave safe however handwashing is our preference.

F.A.Q about pottery
F.A.Q about pottery
pottery plate
F.A.Q about pottery

How do I order? How do I paint In person?

When do I get my master piece back?

Is the paint safe?

Can I book birthday parties?

You can conveniently do all shopping and pay through the website however if you prefer paying with cash you can come in and pick your pieces and we will get your to-go kit ready and check you out in person! Lastly, we do have limited in studio paint hours on our calendar.

It is a one week turn around.

All our paint is safe on skin, fabric and more. All paint will wash off with water and is non toxic

Birthday Parties are available with to go orders! Please head to our contact page so we can plan a special day for you

F.A.Q about pottery

How much Does it cost?

Our in studio experience, which is all inclusive means pottery, painting, glazing and firing is included.  Pottery prices range from $3 to $80.

Choose your pottery piece(s) first 

Choose up to 4 colors of glaze that are includes at no additional fee.  Additional colors are available at checkout for a small fee. A little glaze goes a long way so you may have glaze left at the end of your project. Feel free to seal and save leftover remaining glaze for future pottery painting.

Prices for additional glaze are as follows.

1 ounce containers $1.50

2 ounce containers $2.00

For safety and quality we don’t lend out brushes however, we sell a 10 pack of quality brushes for $5 which can be used for your future pottery painting.

*It is imperative that you don’t contaminate your glaze brushes with other types of paint as in will compromise the quality of your finished piece(s).

How do to go kits work?

F.A.Q about pottery
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